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Irish launch of Zen-Noh Wagyu Beef

27 Mar 2017

Widely acknowledged as one of the best beefs in the world, Wagyu Beef is an undeniably flavoursome and tender delicacy. Japanese company, Zen-Noh have team up with fine dining Asian restaurant, Eatzen to launch their authentic Wagyu Beef to Irish diners.

This exclusive launch, which is limited to just 80 tickets, will feature a specially curated three course menu, prepared by Eatzen’s own Chef Lam and a very special guest chef. Diners will

Wagyu Beef is often characterised by it’s melt-in-the-mouth succulence. This unrivaled texture results from “fat marbling” in the muscle fibres of the cow. Each cow is hand reared by feeding specialists in small numbers of only 34 cows on average offering a traceable blood line for the consumer. The marbeling also increases the omega 3 and 6 content, offering a healthy and tasty dining experience.

The serenity and harmony of traditional Japanese culture is a huge part of raising Wagyu cows. The people behind Zen-Noh note that attention to detail is crucial to producing this most tender of beefs.

Join Zen-Noh and Eatzen on 22nd of March for a culinary experience like no other, as they launch their Japanese reared Wagyu Beef. Full menu below.